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Feb 24, 2019
Platform + League: PS4 F4
League Coordinator: @HiippariLate
Date: 12-5-19
Members Involved: me @Veztokh @iSuperScrub
Description: Lap 2, @iSuperScrub is trying to overtake me from the outside (that's fine) then @Veztokh in the same corner is going inside (almost out of nowhere) and he goes wide pushing me against @iSuperScrub (im sorry about that but i couldn't have done any better) then @iSuperScrub i think rejoins the track hitting me and we spun. I couldn't do anything from my position, i tried to leave enough space, but this incident still ruined completely my race, since my tyres overheated and made me crash the next lap. (I actually thought that @iSuperScrub did it on purpose during the incident, I think now and I hope he didn't mean to hit me on purpose)


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Mar 29, 2014
I thought your car would ghost, that vez is a thick as pig **** anyways, almost spun me out down the straight leading to copse on the first lap... the incident between me and you was impossible to avoid, I was on throttle when he divebombed and when you touched my rear i couldn’t control it. Sorry.
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