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Moved F4 multiple issues with same driver

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Nov 17, 2017
Platform + League: PS4 F4
League Coordinator: @Schnixel
Date: 22/03/20
Members Involved: @Tom_1er
Description: Incident 1: 0:00 Not sure exactly what caused @Tom_1er to go wide but he rejoins the track sideways forcing me to take evasive action
Incident 2: 0:18 After a VSC restart I get a good run and go for a move up the inside, despite being alongside into the braking zone he turns in as if I'm not there.
0:40 Not an incident in itself but personally I feel it also shows unsportsmanlike behaviour and a disregard of other drivers on track and similar to the incident later in the race and could easily have been exactly the same outcome had I been slightly braver into the braking zone
Incident 3: 0:56 Again relatively minor in itself and I would not usually bring this to the stewards on it's own but after a fairly aggressive lunge (which was completely fair) I go for a cutback and then attempt to get the better run round the outside of Luffield, despite leaving plenty of space on the inside @Tom_1er nudges me slightly and I run wide and lose the position
The remaining clips are a series of track extensions at Stowe which I don't beleive the game gives penalties for and by the frequency it occured in this instance looks clearly deliberate to gain advantage.
I also know I'm not the only driver in the tier who had issues with @Tom_1er in this race.


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Dec 28, 2017
I do not think @Tom_1er has recorded his footage. There are more videos from other drivers which I will add when I get them, as well as from the stream.



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Feb 13, 2020
Hi ! Sorry 1st incident i had a contact with kimii 95 i wasn’t anymore controlling my car
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Jan 25, 2014
Due to the number of time penalties that would be applied here taking the total penalty count to over a minute, we feel the best course of action is to disqualify @Tom_1er from the race results. As he has left the league the penalty points from this would be redundant.

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