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PC F4 Multiple penalties removal Austria (Thm786)

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S17 AOR PC F2 Champion
May 21, 2017
Platform + League: PC Formula 4
League Coordinator: @The Genius
Date: Sunday 10 December 2017 (12/10/2017)
Members Involved: Me, @PiekarzPotato @Aaron Shum (as getshum) and @koldo (as kampfkoldo)

On the race result I had 21 sec worth of penalties, 2 corner cuts, 3 stop&go

(-Unfair 5 sec stop&go on lap 1 that can't be removed because I served it in my first stop, was given as an illegal overtake on @Aaron Shum but I did'nt overtook anyone as I was pushed of track and just kept my position)

-Unfair 5 sec stop&go on lap 16 : I went wide, and @PiekarzPotato who was quite laggy (sometimes was infront of me, sometimes behind, overtook him manytimes during the race) teleported himself behind me at the same moment. I didn't served that penalty (no more stops) so +5 sec on the race director

-Fair 3 sec corner cut's warning penalty

-Unfair (or fair ?) 3 sec corner cut penalty on lap 35 last corner : I go on the curb but from that I loose a lot of time and 1 place to @koldo, I didn't have any more warning after that (think that this is harsh and could compensate the first stop&go penalty)

-Unfair 5 seconds penalty which came out of no where (not in the race director) to see on the race result table

Total penalties that can be take off by my point of vue : 2 stop&go (10 sec) + 1 corner cut one (3 sec) that makes 13 seconds less worth of penalties = would put me P5 at +33.552 of the leader, or if you don't take off the corner cut one P5 at +36.552 of the leader

(all timecodes are in the description on the video)
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Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The Stewards have reviewed the evidence and find that one Stop/Go penalty was applied at the end of the race.

There is only 3 seconds difference between @koldo and @Thm786 despite the +9 and +21 seconds penalties showing.

There is a 1 second gap on track. This would suggest that the first Stop/Go was served (can't be removed) and the second one applied (can be removed) despite the Race Director and the mystery 3rd Stop/Go was not applied anyway.

Cutting penalties stand, therefore removal of 5 seconds only.

Closing with removal of 5 seconds. @The Genius

Coordinators please update your race results and adjust the penalty points thread where applicable.
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