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PS4 F5 - Canada VSC Clarification

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Nov 27, 2016
Platform + League: PS4 F5 League
League Coordinator: @Bankai_Bullett
Date: 29th September 2019
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Description: There were two VSCs during the race which I have included footage of them both as a comparison. The first one was fine (minus slight contact between the two cars ahead at T2) but I'm hoping for a bit of clarification on the second one, and really just the rules under the VSC.

The delta for the restart on the first one was 2 tenths, however the second one was much more after we seemed to be backed up. With the delta climbing, I thought we were going to start gaining speed at 1:31 in the video but then ended up braking again. We remained at this speed until Sam pretty much bolted at the final chicane as if it was a full Safety Car restart, the delta almost hitting 7 seconds at this point. Then the restart happened at T1 and the delta was at just over 5 seconds.

I'm not really sure what the rule is but I felt like 5 seconds was too much? One second I'd say is fine, maybe even 2 seconds max, but 5 seemed a bit unnecessarily slow? You can see the time lost too if you look at the gap to the car behind me. It started at about 7 seconds and then on the restart it was down to 3 seconds, which was actually to the car behind that one as the original one pitted. I'm sure there's a rule in real life F1 but no idea what it is exactly, but I recall Martin Brundle saying about how you can't back cars behind up. Closest thing I could find is the Hamilton Ricciardo incident at the Bahrain 2017 race where Hamilton got a 5 second penalty.

I'm not calling for Sam to get a penalty, I finished ahead and it wouldn't change my result, but just wanting some clarification really. In his defence, I'm not sure if he backed us up to avoid having a contact situation like in the first VSC. (see 0:54 in the video) That way we'd be driving at a speed that wouldn't be impeded by the delta time?
Maybe he also didn't expect the VSC to end so soon as the first VSC lasted a bit longer, so maybe a misjudgement on the gap he tried to create. Or maybe they were just backing up to speed away to try and create a gap to us haha.

I don't know, but in the end it potentially may have affected my race, as when I pitted for my second stop, I was behind the car ahead by 2.4 seconds. Without this time loss under the VSC, I would have came out ahead after pitting. Plus at the end of the race I finished just 5.7 seconds off 2nd. So there are ifs and buts but I digress. If the Stewards could clarify things, that would be much appreciated. Could be useful information for the future, as well as maybe a chance to set some sort of rule in place in the rules section too? Wouldn't be the first time I've helped create something for it haha. Thanks. =)

0:00 - First VSC for comparison.
0:54 - One of the potential reasons for the reduction in speed for the second VSC.
1:14 - Second VSC that's under question.
1:31 - Expectation of when a normal delta speed was going to be applied.



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Jan 6, 2019
It was my mistake there, my delta was +5 seconds off when I saw it before the chicane and I didnt realise that, because I was to busy to cool my tyres down and hesitated to pit for fresh tyres, there was too much going on but before the final chicane I saw it and realised that I was way behind and that I backed off u and Cobra not intentionally. First time this sort of thing happenned to me for some reasons. I'm really sorry about that one. :(

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have looked over the footage and comments provided and felt that @SamGamerOfficial is fault here for excessively slowing down under the VSC. As the AOR rules dont mention anything about this yet, in this instance we will be giving @SamGamerOfficial a Warning for his actions. We would also like to inform @SolidNinjaSnake that we are going to include the unneccessairly slowing down under VSC in the AOR rules now, so more strict penalties may apply in future.

Closed. @Bankai_Bullett
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