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Moved F5 Dangerous return to the track

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Feb 16, 2020
I was not in full control of my car for this incident. As you can see at 38.24 I get hit onto the gravel, I try to avoid coming back on track. I also apologised for the incident after the race


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Apr 3, 2018
Moved to stewards

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have discussed this incident and have come to the following conclusions.

@Adrilocdoc will receive a 10 second time penalty and 10 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision. Insufficient space was left which resulted in @GaryDonegan being pushed in the gravel.

@GaryDonegan will receive a 20 second time penalty and 15 penalty points for causing a major avoidable collision. We feel that more effort could have been made to avoid rolling back onto the track, the brakes must be held in this situation. Instead the car was allowed to roll which directly led to the retirement of @Oner Schumacher

Apologies for the delay with this enquiry.

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