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PC F5: Multiple collisions & aggressive driving

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Sep 5, 2018
Platform + League: PC + F5
League Coordinator: @Wesselll
Date: 01.12.19
Members Involved: @PiekarzPotato

Short summary: We had multiple incidents in the race which led to a suboptimal finish: P8 instead of P4 or even higher.
1) With a broken wing he tries to pass me again in Ascari with a non-existing gap, forcing me wide. You can see that I open the steering to avoid a heavier collision, because it seems like we already had contact. That makes me spin in Ascari and destroy my front wing. Later you can see, he wanted to pit in anyway at the end of lap 2. There was no point in attacking me in Ascari:

2) Moving in front of me at about 340 kph in lap 15. I guess there is nothing to add.

3) At this point, I still had no penalty, while everyone else, who finished, had. It was a clear P4 for me (someone in front did dnf later), even when I did not pass Enigma or Filip. But with that move I fell from P4 to P8:

Additional aggressive scene, which shows the approach of racing from Daniil in this race: He is not reacting to what happens in front and always goes for the maximum pace with no look at possible collisions or victims from own actions, what finally led into 2 scenarios costing me much time (especially scenario 3). It is not entertaining to always prepare for a battle whenever someone is less than a second behind you. 3 people in front of me are fighting for position. With an aggressive driver behind, you either go for risking a collision with the guys in front or fight with the aggressive driver behind. Both is not optimal and leads to time loss:


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Dec 9, 2017
Third situation is 100% my fault. I missed braking point and I collided into him in the second chicane. I can only promise that I will be more careful in the next races.

Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
After reviewing the evidence, the stewards have decided to hand out the following penalties:

Second incident
5 penalty points for dangerous driving to @PiekarzPotato. You clearly blocked @DaveGaming on the straight. @DaveGaming was lucky to not receive damage to his front wing.

Third incident
A 10 second penalty and 10 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision for @PiekarzPotato. Missed the breaking point and spun out the Williams.

For the first and fourth incident no further action will be taken. @PiekarzPotato cannot be blamed for what happened there.

@DaveGaming @PiekarzPotato @Wesselll
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