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PS4 F5 - Silverstone Track Extending

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S13 AOR PS4 F4 Champion
Nov 27, 2016
Platform + League: PS4 F5 League
League Coordinator: @Bankai_Bullett
Date: 20th October 2019
Members Involved: @SamGamerOfficial
Description: Unfortunately during the race, Sam seemed to track extend fairly often to nearly every lap... If it was just once or twice I'd have let it slide. I'm already letting potential extensions at Luffield slide, but yeah, it was nearly every lap.

Sam finished the race with a 13 second penalty, 10 seconds of which he has appealed to be removed (which I agree should be) which was for when he legitimately went off the track after losing control of his car. So I have no issue with that. So he'd now be left with just a 3 second penalty which, after seeing how many times I saw him track extend, doesn't seem that fair. Some of them may be passable (again, I'd personally let one or two of them slide) but I figured since I was making a video, I may as well just add them all. In all fairness, I wasn't perfect either and you can see that in the video where I've accidentally ran out a little too wide too.

My footage skips Stowe on Lap 1 so I don't remember if there was a track extension there or not. Also due to differing strategies, I pitted Lap 11 and didn't see him properly again until the end of the race where he caught up to me after his incident. So I have no idea if there was any more extensions during the race from him.

Sorry to Sam for making this thread but as I said, if it was once or twice I'd have let it slide, but this was a bit too much I felt. I could argue that it potentially gave him an advantage to keep track position ahead of me and kept the lead while I was stuck in P2.

Based on the race director after the race, the incidents tab shows him getting warnings on the following laps:

Lap 13
Lap 18
Lap 19
Lap 21
Lap 23
Lap 26

Which means NONE of the clips in my video gave him a warning...


The one at 1:55 is the view from the left mirror.
Ending shows race results with his 13 second penalty, 10 seconds of which has been appealed.

9:37 = Race Director showing the Incidents from the race.


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Jan 6, 2019
I dont have my POV idk why it didnt record, all I can say is on vops extensions I lifted off the throttle that's why I didnt get a warning because the game bemieved I didnt gained time.

However I went 2 times full throttle on cops and it got ne a warning on lap 13 and 18. The others warning that I got and mentionnef by @SolidNinjaSnake was other corners cuts on maggets and beckets.

For stowe extensions, some of those I'l take the blame tbh, but some of them got no point in getting involved in thid enquiry lol. 1 quarter of yhose werent necessary to be puted here @SolidNinjaSnake...

If I get a reprimand or something, than fine I'l take it. But I dont want a time penalty applied to my race time has it would ruin an awesome podium position to me... :(

Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have found @SamGamerOfficial to be at fault for 9 cases of track extending. The white lines are always the limit of the track and should be respected. The tier was informed of this specific track limit issue at stowe before the race, so there is zero excuse for these breaches of track limits.
The specific track limits we have deemed to be breached are:

Copse: Lap 2, 4, 5, 6 and 10.
Stowe: Lap 2, 5, 6, and 7.

We will follow the in game penalty system, so 9 seconds of penalties will be added to @SamGamerOfficial race time.

Additionally @SolidNinjaSnake will be given a warning for his extension at stowe on lap 2.

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