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Moved F6 British GP Enquiry 2

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Aug 25, 2017
Platform + League: PS4 F6
League Coordinator: Me
Date: 22/03/20
Members Involved: Me and @Gzr-g
Description: @Gzr-g reovertakes me down the hangar straight and on entry to Stowe cuts across me taking me out.


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Feb 16, 2020

My video did not save so we will have to rely on the footage already submitted.

TBH at the time I thought i was wholly in front of him before turning in but in any case, league rule 1.2.2 clarifies that he was not sufficiently alongside me to expect to be left room:
"Being sufficiently 'alongside' to warrant being left room is generally judged as the attacking car's nose being alongside or ahead of the defending car's sidepod. "
Image 01 - at turn in and image 02 at collision show that his nose was not alongside or in front of my side pod.
I think this is a racing incident where he should of backed out but decided not to.


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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards reviewed the evidence and found @Gzr-g to be at fault for this incident. We believe that @Limaro_83 was sufficiently alongside of @Gzr-g to guarantee him some space on the inside, which didn't happen sending him into a spin and losing substantial time.

We therefore give @Gzr-g a 10 second time penalty and 10 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision.

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