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PC F6 Driver Behaviour

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May 24, 2017
Platform + League: PC F6
League Coordinator: @TheVerenzak
Date: 18/2/2018
Members Involved: Myself, @schumizeu @Scott_Aitchison
Description: @schumizeu seems to favour the aggressive driving style, which i have no problem with, However on occassions the driver really needs to learn when he's lost a position and not barge other cars around when losing the place.
If you watch the video for the first 5 laps or so, you will see a driver whose struggling to stay on track, he seems unsure on brakes and locks his tyres often, okay thats fair enough, its my job to avoid the hazard infront of me and pass him, so when i attempt the overtakes, he simply bumps me around the track. The videos below shows the contact between us, The most severe bump on Lap 3 final chicane after losing the place he bumps me off my line even tho there was plenty space left for him to succesfully make the corner.
I dont expect these are punishable offences, my complaint is simply that this driver every race is very aggressive with whatever car is next to him, It shows a severe lack of respect of the other drivers around him, eventually the faster drivers get past him however its always at a big risk of taking damage due to the way he always makes contact with whoever is around him. His whole season has been the same and he's taking insane fights with people whilst being 19th in the standings there's no reason for it, i beleive he should be concentrating on finishing races instead of fighting aggressivly with other drivers

1st overtake attempt Ive been watching him struggle on the brakes for 2 and 3 thirds of a lap, so i know i can beat him on the brakes. when i attempt the move (okay it was a bit of a divebomb) he attempts the corner asif im not there, knowing he has red indicators to let him know im there, not a big issue as i took a risk also beleiving i have him beat on the brakes

2nd Overtake attempt. again after odd braking patterns and locking his tyres through sector 1 and 2 i attempted to overtake, he barges into me forcing me to slow down and concede

3rd Overtake attempt this time he gives me a more severe barge and pushes me off the racing line and almost off the circuit

Eventually i'd got passed him safely and resumed the race, after the pit stops phase id been undercut by @schumizeu and @Scott_Aitchison so i was behind and watching when he was also being very aggressive with my teammate through sector 1 and eventually barges him off the apex of turn 11 hairpin, and then physically pushes him wide off the track.
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Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The Stewards have reviewed the evidence and find @schumizeu at fault for a minor avoidable collision and failing to wait. This is for the first incident at Casio.

This will be dealt with by means of a 5 second penalty and 7.5 penalty points.

The rest of the incidents are ruled as racing contacts and deemed to be NFA.

Closed. @Jipper @TheVerenzak
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