PS4 F6 Turn 1 Side Swipe

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Nov 17, 2017
Platform + League: PS4 F6
League Coordinator: @Bankai_Bullett @DON SILVA @iJokeri22
Date: 27/09/20
Members Involved: @schumizeu
Description: Having passed @schumizeu after he made a mistake earlier in the lap he hits me from behind in the last corner. We both maintain control onto the start finish straight and he tries to overtake round the outside into turn 1. We go into the corner side by side and he completely ignores the fact i'm still there and swipes across me to the apex. I don't know whether it makes any difference to the stewards but I have had plenty of previous issues with this driver and I am completely fed up of knowing when I'm close to him on track that he will always cause incidents like this. It makes clean and fair racing (the thing AOR prides itself on) absolutely impossible.
Also apologies there is no audio, I had to remove it based on the things I said in party chat in the heat of the moment of the incident.
Not open for further replies.