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PC F7 Spain GP - Lap 1 rammed into me after mistake and didnt really leave space to dodge

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May 8, 2018
Platform + League: PC League F7
League Coordinator: Great @HaiCo
Date: 8.9.19
Members Involved: @MrPeaceTyp (me) - @TRL_graveltrap ingame: TRLbanter (British #6)

He did a mistake onto the long straight, so he didnt get a good exit out of T1.
I wanted to take the possibilty to overtake on the inside, but he drove into my line. I lost my front wanted to catch it but it was too late already and I've gone off.
From my side about the overtake: I drove really carefully because it was Lap1 and even Turn 2, so I also didnt expect a move like that.
Another point is that I had no space to go when he came surprisingly onto my line. He was ahead yes but that doesnt give you the right rather to push off track or even harder ram into his car.

Thanks in advance!

Here is the evidence: (enjoy the live commentary xD)



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Aug 24, 2017
I didn't see him coming up my inside. Was mainly concentrating on controlling that tankslapper. That's it.
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Apr 10, 2018
A few months later.......
Inquiry has now been moved towards the stewards. Apologies for the big delay.

@MrPeaceTyp @TRL_graveltrap

Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
The Stewards have reviewed the evidence and feel that the Toro Rosso was not alongside enough to claim the inside of turn 3. This is why the Racing Point cannot be held responsible for the incident. No further action will be taken.

@MrPeaceTyp @TRL_graveltrap @HaiCo
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