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Moved F8 Canada - Removal of Unfair Safety Car Time Penalties

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F1 Senna Equivalent
Platform + League: PS4 F8
League Coordinator: @xGATECRASHERx
Date: 08/11/20
Members Involved: Myself @Stewart Macdougall @Paddy0h_

Sorry to pester you guys with what is the fault of the game but I will gain two positions with these penalties corrected so I have to post it. I picked up 2x game bug 5sec safety car penalties late in the race, which I'd like removed please (leaving one, deserved, 3sec corner cutting penalty). Results and penalties screenshot below for reference and video showing what I could of the occasions.

Results screen for info:

Results showing the penalties:

Video evidence:
Unfortunately I didn't capture the start of the first 5sec penalty, only caught the count down I was getting and the penalty message itself (start of video), but the game said I had to let @Paddy0h_ by. I didn't. We'd already been cruising for a lap or 2 with me behind Noodle_Dougall. @Paddy0h_ if you could confirm this that'd be great (or anyone else)! :)

The second penalty can be seen from 1:12. Noodle_Dougall (@Stewart Macdougall) damages his wing and runs wide at the hairpin. I overtake as he comes to a near stop. I then try to let him regain position but the game wouldn't allow me, so I just had to get on with the restart (I've seen this problem happen to others in Spain).

Therefore, I kindly request the 2x 5sec safety car penalties be removed. This will result in me finishing in my true position of 5th (from 7th), ahead of @LUISO_1995 and @Paddy0h_ (sorry guys but I just want things correct). @LUISO_1995 is currently 6th and also has a 5sec SC penalty to remove but he will drop behind me unless there are other penalties he get have removed.
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