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Moved Ferhan ruined me again...

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Platform + League: PS4 + F2
League Coordinator: @jomppalainen
Date: 27/04/2020
Members Involved: @SamGamerOfficial and @Ferhan_Racer2004 ///// @Yoan Simracing @maxou13-12 @Thijmen25804 @jomppalainen (Possibly four of these guys have a good POV of the incident from the front and behind.)
Description: Going into the straight @Yoan Simracing passed me and I took his slipstream, kept my wheel straight all the way until @Ferhan_Racer2004 ends me once again, any chances of getting into the points...

- My POV

- Stream POV at 1:10:30 and commentator's constructive opinion on the incident at 1:10:40 to 1:11:35.
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The stewards have reviewed the footage and have found @Ferhan_Racer2004 to be at fault for causing a moderate avoidable collision. He will receive 10 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision. Due to this taking his Penalty Points total to 25, he will have to serve a Qualifying Ban at the next race he attends.

@SamGamerOfficial @jomppalainen
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