Featured FIFA FIFA 17 - XB1 - Season 9 Sign-ups are Open!

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    The long-running Xbox FIFA league's season 9 sign-ups are now open! Any FIFA players who want to know what it feels like to play competitively could find it's the thing for them.

    The AOR's footballing background has been one full of a variety of leagues and high levels of success from way back when it appeared in the form of FIFA Season 1. Since then we've seen both Football Manager and Rocket League receive equal success which shows one big thing, the AOR family loves football.

    FIFA has always been one of the site's most successful side leagues and, as we enter Season 9, I feel we can continue on at the same strength. I've been working in the FIFA coordination team for a long time and I've had the honour of playing some of the best FIFA players I've seen to date during my years in this league. There's something incredibly thrilling about playing FIFA against highly skilled players competitively every week. I guarantee if you enjoy playing FIFA then you'll also enjoy being a part of these leagues.

    The format for this season is one large league varying between 10 and 24 members depending on the number of sign-ups we get. The team level is still to be decided officially although we are likely to go for larger clubs (4 1/2, maybe 5*?). There are 2 games a week to play and standings are updated weekly too. Depending on the number of final sign-ups, each competitor will rather play each other once or twice.

    I hope those reading this choose to sign up and, if so, enjoy their time in the AOR FIFA leagues! The sign-up thread can be accessed below. See you guys on the pitch!

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    id like to join the league if its not too late

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