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Finals Format


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Dec 27, 2014
Right Guys,

So this is something you may not be aware of but something that was planned from day 1. Your final position in the League, isn't the top spot :). While finishing first in the League will no doubt take great skill and effort, the Knockout Tournament is where the winners of Rocket League Season 1 will be determined.

Once the 11 fixtures have been played the Top 4 Teams in the League will be going into a 4 Team knockout tournament.

The 4 Teams will be drawn randomly and placed against each other. This means 1st in the League could play 4th, etc etc.

  • 4 teams - 3v3
  • 5 Minutes per Game/Rounds + Overtime if required
  • 5 Games/Rounds per Match
  • 1 Point per game won (First to 3 points wins)
  • Advance if Won
  • Knocked out if Lost
  • Matches will be played 2 Weeks after the end of Week 11(Final week).
  • Matches will be setup and played by a time to suit both teams.
  • Matches will be Streamed Live and commentated on by 2 AOR members.
In total there will be 4 Matches. 2 Matches to determine the Finalists, 1 Match to determine 3rd place and then the all important Final Rocket League Match of Season 1.

Please be aware guy's that the information above can change before the Tournament starts but I wanted to put it out there so you all know what you need to achieve to get into the tournament and what awaits at the end of the Season.

As always with the Championship being new, we are open to ideas and suggestions.

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Feb 10, 2015
Why not make it like in some real championsships where everyone advances into the knockout stage? The 1st positioned in the standings will face the 11th and the 2nd will face the 10th, etc etc.