Fishing for Cods (Coordinator wanted) |

Fishing for Cods (Coordinator wanted)

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Oct 19, 2016

As the title says - we need a coordinator!

Your tier appears to be the only tier without a master to bend the knee to. But we've got a solution. Do you think you can be a good coordinator for your league?

To be a coordinator, you have to be:
  • active on the forum every day
  • motivated, mature and level-headed
The responsinbilities would include:
  • updating of results tables after the races
  • posting the race threads
  • making sure the race lobby is set up and runs well by whoever is lobby host
  • access to the private PCARS Coordinator forum
  • move enquiries from your league into the private Stewards forum

If you're interested then send a private message to myself. We're waiting for your applications!

Not open for further replies.