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FM6 Formula 1 Virtual Series

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Randy Hinshaw

Junior Karter
Jul 25, 2017
Hello everyone, my name is Randy Hinshaw and Im currently trying to start a legit serious f1 series! I am just posting this to see if i can generate interest and see if i can get the numbers to do a good league with good drivers. I would like to do a replica to the real f1 series as far as rules. Liveries are up to the driver obviously no obscene logos or wording please! and preferably matching team schemes but you can run custom or upload liveries containing a legit paint scheme. I want a replica schedule as far as the real f1 season. racing will be driver and team based! instructor and driver points. create your team, with a manufacturer, and select your favorite number before its taken!! I will create a Facebook page for the league which is where we will all communication and updates etc. If you are interested or have any ideas please contact me directly at [email protected] until i set all rules and schedule and create a page! my gamertag on xbox is scramby317
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Formula 4 Test Driver
Sep 30, 2016
Sorry but I don't think there'll be much interest in new leagues until forza 7 comes out soon, the IMSA league only had like 5 people racing last week