PS4 - Forced into the wall, leaving no space (A3) |

PS4 Forced into the wall, leaving no space (A3)

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Jan 5, 2019
Platform: Ps4 Assist league 3

Date: 29/9/19

League Coordinator : @Szmitski

Members involved: @britishteabag_ and @irregj

On the long straight before the last chicane, im having DRS on @britishteabag_ giving me an easy pass. I try to go past him on the left hand side, yet he blocks me off, forcing me into the wall... incident takes place from 31:25 to 31:40
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Aug 11, 2019
Here’s my POV, as you can see I had started moving over to the left before he was alongside. In my opinion it was a gap that was always closing and he shouldn’t have tried to overtake there. I also have a right to the racing line. At no point was the proximity arrow red on my screen until he’d hit me.
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have looked over the footage and comments provided and felt that @britishteabag_ was at fault for the incident. We think that @britishteabag_ started to close the outside line way too late by slightly turning left and squeezed @irregj into the wall. Therefore, @britishteabag_ will receive a 20 second time penalty and 15 penalty points for causing a major avoidable collision.

Closed. @Szmitski @Tremenator
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