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Formula 2000 League Announcement


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Jun 3, 2016

This league will feature the Formula V10 from Race Sim Studio. A beast straight from the year 2000, and what a beast it is! 800+ horsepower, no traction control, this state of art mod allows us to ride in one of the most iconic era of Formula One. The mod is of superb quality, credit where it's due.

With the massive V10 engine in the back, you want to make sure your throttle management is on point. The rear tyres scream for grip when you go too hard on the pedal, which means this car can slip under you real quick. In those circumstances, understand the Formula V10 requires some taming and should not be taken lightly. However if you can overcome this difficulty, you'll find yourself grinning powering out the corners and carrying tremendous, mind warping amounts of speed around the track.

Anyway, enough talk, here are the links you need to be aware of if you want to commit to a season on AOR :)
See you on the other side!
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