PC Formula C Race 2 Lap 14

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Mr Ferret

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Platform + League: PC Formula C

League Coordinator: @TicklishPicklewickle , @StephenCarry

Date: 09.06.2021

Members Involved: @Mr Ferret , @OzDunder

Description: Lap 14 dunder again doesn't anticipate my braking point and hits me into the right hander after the hairpin causing me to lose positions and gain damage losing me around 1s per lap.
I wonder if ping is an issue as he had around 320 ping whenever I saw him ahead.



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At that point I retired after I had that collision, do you still want my POV?

I suggest you'd post it, if there's a visible difference (e.g. netcode etc.) so to say. Otherwise it's fine.

Moved to stewards - anything added after this post will be moved as well


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it wasn't an intentional crash by no means, I don't intend to crash into people, but I'm not really sure what happened here on my end
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