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Junior Karter
Jul 11, 2019
Hey all, not at all sure if I’m posting this in the right place but hopefully I am!

Formula Virtual (FV) is a series that started way back in 2013 as a sort of F1 team management game, where currently 15 team managers control their own teams right from race strategy & car development, to expenditure, drivers and livery design. All races are uploaded to YouTube with full commentary and all of the drivers are AI - I think that’s the correct term anyway!

FV started as an F1 team management game, but in the years since the series’ inception, it has become much more than that and is now at the point where F1 is barely mentioned, as the series has forged its own history, legends and stories.

Basically, I thought I’d post this here as an invite to any motorsport fans to come and check out the series for yourselves! Our Discord is open to all so come say hi and join the fantastic community

Thank you for reading through!