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Oct 24, 2016
Is anyone interested in a Fortnite:Battle Royale games with private matches coming/arrived?We could make a league 1 point per kill,100-99-98-97 etc. for your position,and 3 rounds per night with maybe a 5 week season.

Edit: Still no Private Matchew so I have a different idea.
-Teams of 1-4.
-You have to state that you are going to play tonight in this thread.
-You have 3 games.Each game you will be given a random place you have to jump to(must be recorded).
-At the end of the game screenshot your position and amount of kills.
-If you are a team of 1 play in Solos,2 Duos,3-4 Squads.
-Points will be awarded to the team based on their results.
-You get 4 nights of goes within the league,which lasts for 4 weeks.
100-99-98-97-96-95-94-93-92-91 etc. +1 for each kill.
100-98-96-94-92-90-88-86-84-82 etc. +0.6 for each kill(as a team).
100-96-92-88-84-80-76-72-68-64 etc. +0.3 per kill(as a team).
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