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Forum Game - You're Banned!

Dan Hawkins

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Aug 18, 2014
Ban the person above you Game...You don't really get banned, it's just a game.

Nothing that anyone else will take too offensive
Nothing to start an argument
No double posting until you've been banned

How it works:
1) Dan Hawkins starts
2) Person 1: Dan Hawkins is banned for letting @StevieSQ down on Battlefront last night.
3) Person 2: Person 1 is banned for banning Dan Hawkins
and so forth!

I can't ban the person above me because there is nobody above me. So, the next person below me starts!

Get banning!
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iRacing Coordinator
Jan 13, 2014
Dan you're banned for making me think I was banned, I just saw this message and feared the worst had happened:

Other than that, you're a stand up guy and you make a great website so for those reasons you're banned!