Forza 7 NASCAR League Interest Thread |

Forza 7 NASCAR League Interest Thread

Wat day and time suits you?

  • Friday 9 PM UK Time

  • Saturday 8 PM UK Time

  • Sunday 6:30 PM UK Time

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DOR Martxn

Forza Coordinator
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Forza Coordinator
May 31, 2016

This will be a spec league, with no tuning allowed. Since there will be a mix available of 2016 and 2017 available in game, I'm going to wait until after launch to decide which cars to go with. (2017 cars preferable if possible)


This season will feature 10 races. Since Forza hasn't launched yet I'll just give a short explanation of what I have in mind. A NASCAR league that enables close racing by choosing short and easy to drive track layouts, with 3 oval races in the season. Since it needs some testing to decide which track layout to go with, it will remain unspecified for now.

  1. Road Atlanta
  2. Sebring
  3. Daytona (oval)
  4. Sonoma
  5. Road America
  6. Indianapolis (oval)
  7. Watkins Glen
  8. Laguna Seca
  9. Virginia International Raceway
  10. Homestead (oval)
Race day

The races will take place at Friday 9 PM, saturday 8 PM or Sunday 6:30 PM (all UK time). The specific day will be decided based on the poll, and the days other leagues run.

Other information
  • Possibly cautions on ovals, not on normal tracks. (there will be a poll in a later stage)
  • 3 lap qualifying. (4 laps in total)
  • Races will be a little over one hour long.
  • TCS, assisted braking and assisted steering will be banned. Other assists allowed.
  • Cars available at launch, no DLC needed as in Forza 6.
  • By showing interest in this thread, you're not committing to anything. Meaning you won't be signed up to the league by default if it gets approved.
If you are interested, please post below in this thread. If I missed anything, or something is not clear, don't hesitate to ask. Suggestions are always welcome.(y)

  1. @Martijn2702
  2. @SavageSnailx69x
  3. @LetsGoDevs11
  4. @speedfreak106
  6. @afrojo05
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VBR Deathstroke

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Dec 3, 2015
Im a littlebit afraid with that league following event on other one with some answer maybe i will came in
Talk to me in PV