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PC Ginetta GT5- Tier 1 - Incident + etiquette

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Oct 4, 2017
Platform + League: PC + Ginetta GT5 Tier 1
League Coordinator: @TicklishPicklewickle
Date: 5 September 2018
Members Involved: @Isir , @DANGEROUS GIANETTA
Description: During yesterday's second race Dangerous Gianetta and me had a contact which resulted in his car spinning and being damaged. I was more fortunate as I went into the grass but could control it and returned to the tarmac.

I do not think either of us are looking for penalties (I definitely am not) but there was a bit of debate about whose fault it was and whether I should have waited for him. I would appreciate your opinion on both points.

I am going to copy here the explanation I provided in the main threat:

It is maybe too simple to put it this way but I did not wait because I did not believe I was at fault. With the replay I can see why you moved to the left, but from my cockpit all I know is that I left space on the inside of the corner but even with that I was run into, which then pushed me into the kerb from which I rebounded in the other direction (so hard that even I ended up in the grass). From the moment of the first touch there was nothing I could do and again all I knew is that I had left space but I had been pushed and put in that position. I simply bounced from your car to the kerb and back to your car as a result of the first touch. You can even see how when I rebounded from the kerb I was actually steering towards the left and not towards you.

Watching the replay I can see why you had to move as you were trying to avoid another car in front of you, so I 100% do not put any blame on you, but I do not think it was my fault either.

As I said I will take it to the stewards to see what they think especially on the etiquette and having to wait on a situation like this. If I did it wrong I want to learn from it and again, my fault/not my fault asside, I am sorry it happened and ruined your race.

I have recorded the event from several cameras and my/his point of view:

Thank you.


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Dec 28, 2015
first of all thanks to @Isir for upload replay of collison.
same video that i don't want to upload.According to me everything is clear to see
in my experience
as you know guys, i always i don't keen on taking someone to stewards.just i thought and i felt during the race and also i wrote on the forum.
for lesson, let's wait for steward's decision.(y)
again thanks to @Isir's behaviour on topic.
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards will take No Further Action on this enquiry.

We see this as a racing incident. @DANGEROUS GIANETTA is reacting to the car in front of him spinning, turns a little to the left but unfortunately there isn't room enough and he makes contact with @Isir We don't see that any driver did anything wrong here and the whole situation is an unlucky one. As for if a driver should wait or not; a driver should wait for another driver if feels that he did something wrong. If a driver feels that he haven't done anything wrong, he should continue. If there is a dispute that he did something wrong, the offended driver should start a enquiry on the incident.

We also want to thank both drivers for having a positive and friendly attitude in discussion this issue (y)

@Isir @DANGEROUS GIANETTA @TicklishPicklewickle
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