Good season guys! Congrats Multi and Mercedes! |

Good season guys! Congrats Multi and Mercedes!

Liam Mangan

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Apr 11, 2014
This has been a great season guys, some of the best racing I've ever had. I only wish I had a consistant connection from the start of the season. Hope to see most of you next season!
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Apr 16, 2014
Yeah would have been nice to see how close i was to Multi if i had a stable connection too, but i think he had the edge anyway. Well done Multi on the championship :)
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Jan 15, 2014
It has been a great season guys, since Quanti has started a thread I might as well use this as my end of season message to you all.

As we know the different splits have had many issues over this season with this game, I think we have shown that we can still get the most out of this truly broken game and produce moments of great racing and results. We had the highest player average I think of 12 per race compared to the other splits. Not only this but maybe apart from the Constructors a very open championship one that could realistically could have been won by many drivers.

Congrats to my team mate who in my eyes is a triple time World champion but officially it's his second well done, just a shame my work stole the last few races from us which was a great battle for the title. Despite this we retain the Constructors again with points to spare so you can't be mad at that can you.

In closing, you race to compete and enjoy the battles but also to improve yourself. Many drivers have shown great improvement in skill and speed with the rookie Joe ;) coming out with 3 victories in his first season that's not bad indeed. I have enjoyed it and I think we have made a great season for the last of the terrible F1 2013 game. My final world's "VIVA SPLIT 3!!!"


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Jan 13, 2014
As the people above me already said: It has been a great season. For me it was my first F1 game and to start of in a competition like this was an amazing experience. I'm proud of the podiums I got in Monaco and Singapore and had some great battles over the course of this season. I've learned very much about the CodeMasters physics this season and I hope to improve for next season and be more competetive.

Congrats to Multi on a well deserved championship and thanks to Beyond for hosting better than me.

Unfortunately my final race had to end with my first disconnect, but I'm very happy with out-scoring my teammate and ending 7th in the championship.
Again, thanks for this season and I hope to race against many of you next season! :)
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Jan 14, 2014
Thanks guys, it was a great season with a lot of closely fought battles. I feel the championship was a little shallow due to Beyond's absence in the last few races, but nontheless I'll accept a second title! Nice to win the constructors again too, that makes it the double for Beyond and I!

Good to see a lot of the new guys kicking my arse in the latter stages of the season, some serious pace and racecraft shown by a number of you. Plus it was always a friendly place to be (with me being the exception ;) ) Additionally I'm glad to be able to say that'll be the last time I competitively play F1 2013. Here's hoping 2014 fixes some of the issues of the previous games. See you all next season.