GP2: Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [9/11 - 8:15PM] |

GP2: Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [9/11 - 8:15PM]

FormulaMoss F1

Formula 3 Test Driver
Feb 19, 2014
Sorry about (4:36) you wasn't on my screen otherwise I would have left you the space, just say straight away so I know if your actually here coz on my screen you wasn't at the side of meh :)


F1 Coordinator
Jan 13, 2014
Erti i have been around nearly as Long as u so Calm ur Tatties All iam Saying is just dont go Ham when it aint a big Deal,
i Hate Silence When Racing IDK about Anyone else (we all know u like quite now like lol)

Why u saying about sumone saying something to sumone? No one said anything to Anyone, If Anyone was Targeting Anyone i Would have Stood up and Said "chuck it" then i would have went through the right Channels to get it sorted but that never Happened.

Either Way i Just Want a Good Laugh and a Good season racing, nae body going aff there tatties at anyone,
last thing i say on it,


GP2 1st Driver
Feb 9, 2014
Lockdown was coming through my TV speakers and I found it entertaining and slightly amusing, go on the Dutch equivalent of x-factor mate @Cryo Lockdown :whistle:

Sorry for any incidents I may've caused in the first race, never survived the first lap at Australia & I hate the track, hopefully I'l have a working mic at Malaysia this weekend :)
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Formula 4 Test Driver
Nov 6, 2014
No problem @FormulaMossF1, wasn't a reproach i didn't break anything so that's completely ok :)