GP2: Round 15 - Indian Grand Prix [31/08/14 - 8:00pm] |

GP2: Round 15 - Indian Grand Prix [31/08/14 - 8:00pm]


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 13, 2014
That was fucking close in the end with Ellis and I was 2.7 behind at the start of the final lap.

Would have liked to be crowned champion in better circumstances though, gutted for Jason, coud have been a good fight as it has been all season long :p
Yeah congrats on the championship man, annoying I've had a few dsc's but you've definitely had the pace over everyone this season so a deserved title I would say (y)

TRL Ellis

Formula Karter
Jan 19, 2014
Shitty sticks omg that was unreal got a good run off the line me and TSR had a good fight done 2prime stints didn't even want to go on the options at the end but Williams put me on them :banghead: Last lap last sector turd was coming out and the last corner Jesus lock up franglish up my but went across the line with a gap of half a tenth omg well done to franglish for the title u b/t&h...... Williams decided to blow jason up in the garage chin up son roll on that horrible track with kerbs the size of Everest



Formula 3 Test Driver
Jan 15, 2014
Since I drive around here, I'm still thinking that the breaking zone at T1 is later than it actually is. I'm sorry Nillis !

When I saw everybody flying I decided to quit the race not to disturb with my lag !

0 laps done for tonight. No time and no motivation to run in this awful track.

Can please someone still with me during the race ? :D

Jan 16, 2014
For me yesterday the early laps were horrifying because tons of lag with nillis was going to give up so as not to create problems but after the first pit I found fourth without anyone before and I did a solo race so I could conclude to .... We hope better for the next
Aug 4, 2014
pretty happy with my race. Unfortunately I've made two mistakes during the race which ended the fight with TRL Ellis and Franglish.
Whatever... I got my first podium in the AOR and i'm very happy with that


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014
Had no pace here so suppose 5th is fair enough. Pretty boring race if i'm honest. Hopefully the final few races we'll have a few more attendees and also less lag problems. I didn't see many people lagging, just one instance early on where TRL Ellis was on the exit of a corner before teleporting back to his *actual* position on the track a few more seconds up the road. So I apologise if anyone suffered lag while being close to me but I didn't see much wrong :/.