GP2: Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [25/05/14 - 8:00pm] |

GP2: Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [25/05/14 - 8:00pm]


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Jan 15, 2014
I am. You'll be struggling to read times on my screenshot though. I'll send it around 5pm if even nobody else will have sent you the results


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Jan 14, 2014
Righty, just about managed to decipher Meireloso's screenshots (thank you very much for that, done me a favour) and therefore updated the Standings. There's still an outstanding stewards enquiry so that is still subject to change.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 14, 2014
a bit late but here it goes.

great quali for me, my pb was 18.4 and I think I managed an 18.2 so really cant complain.

great start for me as well. Balanced the throttle off the start to kill as much wheelspin as possible and hung it round the outside of Jason at T1. from there I tried to keep franglish in my sights but he managed to pull away. decided to try and undercut franglish and it sorta worked. managed to get along side him coming out of the pits but went to hot into T1. had a crazy moment trying to decide whether to pit or not mid race which will be a funny highlight to show. took a massive gamble pitting on lap 20 for the last primes, knowing I was pushing the limit of the tyres with this strategy. managed to get a decent lead over meireloso but Jason passed on fresher tyres and easily ate into my lead. didn't make it easy for him to pass though, even though my tyres were dead we were side by side for the whole of sector 1 but at the start of sector 2 my tyres just couldn't hold on much longer. had to pit for options and then drove like a man possessed to catch pritt and limit the damage to a 5th place finish. almost threw it away at the end but due to having so much more grip than azza I could power it round the outside at the twisty bit sector 3.

a little bit annoyed coz after watching my recording I had a 10 min phase of driving like a total **** and if I could have nailed that move on franglish as he came out of the pits it could have been a 1st or 2nd place finish, but given how the race went it could have been a lot worse than 5th

just to keep you guys in the loop with the highlights. thanks for your patience, im still getting to grips with putting everything together but im working to make it as great as possible and enjoying to watch. I could also have a little surprise but il see how everything works out


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 14, 2014
On a roll atm so heres my Spain highlights a month or so after the race =D

i know it says F1 in the thumbnail but that was coz i done the thumbnail at the same time i done my F1 highlights so i got a tad confused =S