GP2: Round 8 - German Grand Prix [22/06/14 - 8:00pm] |

GP2: Round 8 - German Grand Prix [22/06/14 - 8:00pm]

Jan 16, 2014
guys with the three pilots who were watching the race f1 we get to 11 and not 16. I hope that the next races will be added new pilots to fill the grid again. because a third place has so much less value, but then in 16 it was a great result we hope .....

TRL Axeman

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Mar 6, 2014
George;n54061 said:
The dedication of some drivers in this league is ridiculous... It's not as if you couldn't watch the highlights on the iPlayer after the race too... (was a pretty dull one aswell)
shut up. its alright for you too watch f1 live as you can probably afford pay tv subcription. we're not all well off. i have avoided the f1 results all day! . the highlights don`t get put on iplayer till tomoro morning i couldn't wait that long.

i have turned up to every race bar this one so too say we are not dedicated is insulting. i have always stuck to this:

F1 always comes before the game at all costs.

TRL Martin

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Jan 13, 2014
Great to take the win :) first win on the triggers helped by a poor turnout and franglish n gravelling it. with a full grid i think jason n azza would have been too strong but ill take this with open arms. Fuming with qually yet again as I bottled it soo hard but with a small grid I was lucky to still start near the front. Just focussed on making no mistakes after frannglishs off and maintained a strong gap throughout. Hungary next, love the track although qualifying is crucial for a good race so I'm not feeling totally confident of a strong result, we'll see. Cheers guys


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Jan 14, 2014
My hilariously awful race:

Jan 16, 2014
my race