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PC Great S10 guys!


AOR PC GT3 S12 T4 Champion
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Jul 9, 2016

@Seamas111 @VoodooChild @MTN nice work on 1, 2, 3 in the championship!

T5 did an amazing job and 100% understood the spirit of AOR and why organized races are the way to go! On behalf of @Project CARS Coordinators we THANK YOU! Our Tier is very important to the progress of other Tiers.

Not only was the racing clean, fun and enjoyable it was competitive overall minus a few of our aliens. ;)

We saw people get faster which is the overall goal, we built good relationships on and off the track, and frankly I think we showed what it's all about! I really hope most of you had a good enough experience to continue to S11. Some of you will 100% move up into other Tiers but remember this season because it was excellent.

I highly encourage people to take part in GT5 season (4 weeks) https://apexonlineracing.com/community/threads/aor-ginetta-gt5-pc-sign-up-thread.43919/

Feel free to post on your thoughts of S10 of T5...... highlights, how you progressed, car choices, mistakes, missed opportunities, etc...

Thanks again Gents!



Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 21, 2016
Great racing @ ALL T5... i started badly pc was just not up to it running at 35fps o_O first 5 races grrrr new build and much better:love:
Had many of battles with most of the field thr the season and was good to see drivers improve there pace, and still share there setups :)
@eaZed neptune @VoodooChild thanks for the help..
Car choice was lambo peeps probs think it the new Ferrari but hey hoe :p
Rn8 was my mistake and missed opportunities,,, Poled it Totally frobbed up :eek: okay ish start but kept lead,,had abt 12sec lead over 2nd at lap 12 and lap 13 first corner hit the curb rear corner and span,,lead dropped to a sec and had 13 front damage, from then on in head went west :poop: and ended up finishing 5 which could have been my gloary:cool:
Pole Position and fastest lap :giggle:

Captain Slow

AOR PC GT3 S11 Tier 3 Champion
Apr 4, 2018
Unfortunately I missed almost half of the races because of my work trips but hopefully next season I will take part in all of them. Also was able to sort out my PC and my pace is getting slightly better, looking forward to next season. Thank you all for good racing!
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AOR iRacing GTE S3 AM Champion & Former S-Mod
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Oct 19, 2016
Thanks everyone, for another awesome season.

Bottom tier is always AMazing :)

I loved the camaraderie, how even direct championship competitors help each other, share setups. I love how we managed to keep every turn 1 clean and I love that we were able to agree to not attack in the most dangerous turn 1s.
I loved that everyone gave each other plenty room on track while still battling fiercely.
I loved the positivity and engagement all of you showed.

Now, off to the GT5s, make T5 proud :) I hope many of you sign up while we staffers prepare the next GT3 season.

Remember to leave feedback, tell us what want well in our S10 changes, and what you'd like to see in S11.

And big thanks to @GIXXERosg for all the hard work coordinating!


GP2 Reserve Driver
Mar 13, 2017

I believe the word "gentleman" is appropriate in more ways than simply addressing you all. We were all gentleman when it came to respect both on the racetrack an on the forum. At first I was a bit disappointed that I was placed in T5, but I think it has been the best tier to race in. We've helped each other when we could, be it with setups or general advice. We do not keep the laptimes all to ourselfs; we shared them so others had a target to aim at.

When I look back at the replay of race 1 at Infineon, the racing has improved massively during this season. So I'd like to think that we not only had fun, but most of us learned a lot about their racecraft and improved it where possible. I'd love to race with all of you again next season in the same tier, but most likely some of us will move to other tiers.

I thank you all for being kind, helpful and competative. I believe those qualities made us the best tier this season!

On a sidenote: @Stephan I have raced the GT5 Ginetta enough in career. So I'll be not racing in this little league. Oh, and the GT3 Ginetta is still the best souding Ginetta (though it sounds nowhere near as good as the Bentley or Aston) and it only sounds as a lawnmower when you watch the replay in 5X speed.
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Formula 4 Test Driver
Feb 11, 2018
Thanks a lot to the coordinators @GIXXERosg and @Stephan !
You spend a lot of time in working and sorting this all out !!!

And many thanks to all the drivers giving me a chance to improve and enjoy racing in my second AOR season !!!

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AOR PC GT3 S11 Tier 4 Champion
Feb 24, 2018
Thanks a lot to the coordinators @GIXXERosg and @Stephan you guys did a great job and made this season special

My season was OK, started slowly and got faster, thank you to @VoodooChild for his setup help, it's made such a big difference. I got my podium, that was my season goal so very happy.

Secondly I like to thank my teammate @DustyPigz joining the season half way alone, and being so quick is impressive. I think he'll be one to watch next season.

I think the Renault is an interesting car, I don't think it's the quickest car but I did get use to it as the season went on. Not sure what car to use in Season 11, I will test a few and see what works.


Formula 4 Test Driver
May 17, 2018
Well, first Season at AOR....

There was fustrating episodes, for sure....

But damn I Had fun with you guys! Mostly clean racing and great battles!!!! GJ!!!!

Unfortunatlly my team mate had to move, and could not get his setup Going, but I har fun with you guys Anyways! Made my goal of getting a top ten overalt, and Even got to battle for a P1 this Season! But had to settle with an P3 as Best results....

Thx guys! You all made this a great first AOR Season for me!


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Jun 2, 2018
I would just like to add my appreciation to everyone who took part in T5 this season. It was a pleasure to race amongst you all and it is refreshing to know that there are plenty of people out there that can enjoy clean fair racing in sim racing so i thank you all and especially to @GIXXERosg and @Stephan for all the work behind the scenes to make this so enjoyable for everyone else.

Congratulations to @Seamas111 for a convincing championship win which was well and truly deserved and also a shout out to @VoodooChild for keeping you on your toes as much as he could. Best of luck in T1 next season by the way @Seamas111 ;)

This is my first season here so i am both surprised and delighted with finishing 3rd in the championship even though i know this is an unfair reflection as @Captain Slow who was super fast missed so many races and @Gwegwyn i think could have been a real threat to seamas in any other car than the Aston so fair play to him for sticking with that car all season. Nonetheless i think it is good that the 3 drivers who finished all 10 races finished 1, 2, and 3 in the championship. Looking forward to racing you guys again next season!
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