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PC GT3 Elite - Laguna Seca - Track Limits - Removal of several penalties

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Sep 17, 2016
Platform + League: PC GT3 Elite
League Coordinator: @AndrexUK @Nismo @Yorkie065 @Raigore
Members Involved: Me

Description: I got several penalties for exceeding track limits. In my opinion all of those penalties are unfair and should be removed because I lifted off significantly to give more time back than I could´ve ever gained by going off-track. Still the game decided to reward me with a penalty at every single occasion I received a warning. Even when I lifted off 3 (!) times at one situation a penalty was given. I also received warnings and penalties when I went off into the gravel/dirt where I lost time anyway.

Evidence: I included every warning + penalty in one video with time stamps so hopefully everything is clear enough.

Penalty #1 [2 sec]: 0:00 - 0:33 (Lifted off 2 times after being in the gravel - Admittedly it was lifting towards a breaking zone, though I lost time by being off-track)

Penalty #2 [4 sec]: 0:34 - 1:19 (I had a car on my inside and we made contact, therefore I couldn´t make the corner so I didn´t lift off)

Penalty #3 [1 sec]: 1:21 - 2:04 (Lifted off 3 times and lost 2 positions)

Penalty #4 [2 sec]: 2:06 - 2:46 (I wasn´t over the white line, questionable if I even touched it with my left tyres - I lifted towards T1)

Penalty #5 [2 sec]: 2:48 - 3:31 (Same as #1, lost time being off-track - lifted off going up the hill)

Penalty #6 [3 sec]: 3:34 - 4:07 (Again it´s questionable if I was fully over the white line - lifted off towards T1)

Penalty #7 [2 sec]: 4:09 - 4:45 (Lifted off before and after the corkscrew + lost a position)

Penalty #8 [3 sec]: 4:48 - 5:32 (Lifted off 2 times + lost a position)

Penalty #9 [3 sec]: 5:34 - 6:13 (Lifted off before the corkscrew)

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May 6, 2015
This is how to make a perfect inquiry to remove time penalties!!!!
Thank you! Good work!
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Jan 25, 2014
After reviewing the evidence, the stewards have decided to remove the second penalty only. We feel that the second penalty was unfair as @N1kmido no chance of making the corner after having contract. The rest of the penalties stay as @N1kmido should of lifted earlier and for longer.

Closed. @N1kmido @Yorkie065 @AndrexUK @Nismo @Raigore
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