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PC GT3 Elite @ Silverstone - Incident 1

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F1 Senna Equivalent
Sep 17, 2016
Platform + League: PC GT3 Elite
League Coordinator: @VSR Iceberg
Date: 21/3/2018
Members Involved: @VSR Noah
Right after the start exiting turn 3 I´m next to @VSR Noah as he suddenly moves over to punt me off the track, costing us both a lot of momentum and several positions.




AOR XB1 GT3 Pro S8 Champion
Aug 22, 2016
Yeah well what can I say, It was my fault, or better my naivety. As you can see from my Video, it was quite a hectic start. In Turn 3 my Spotter told me "right side is clear" and I saw the red and white M6 of Andrex (I think it was) being well ahead of me now, after we were side by side before. So I thought that he was the car which was next to me and then wasn't anymore when my Spotter told me that the right side is clear now. But sadly it wasn't Andrex only, it was Nikmido aswell. After my Spotter told me, I then steered to the right as I thought that no one would be there. But the moment I change my line, the proximity arrow appeared and my spotter told me "on your right again". Sadly that was too late already.

I mean I learned from that, that you can't trust your Spotter and that before changing my line, that I really have to be sure that no one is next to me, but as I said before, I already had a lot of other things to watch in that moment.


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