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XB1 GT3 Initial League Announcement

Dan Hawkins

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Aug 18, 2014
AOR Project CARS GT3 Leagues - Season 1
XB1 League/Driver Placements

This thread lists the initial league/driver placements for the XB1 GT3 leagues! Only drivers who have both signed up AND completed their time trials have been included in the initial league setup.

Each league will have its own subforum where a car selection thread - plus a race thread for Round 1 on Wednesday - will be created shortly.

NOTE: If you have missed the deadline, it will still be possible to sign up during the season, however a league spot then can't be guaranteed - it'll depend on the amount of spaces available. New drivers (who have not previously raced in any AOR leagues) will also be required to complete at least one social race, in addition to posting the time trial times, as a requirement to be granted entry into the leagues.

The outcome of the time trial event is as follows:


This has led to us assigning the following leagues:

AOR XB1 GT3 Elite League - Forum link
@TRL Schumacher
2. @JordanMcGonigal
3. @TroyzeH
4. @ZIPPY2609
6. @Paclik46
7. @Res F1 Italian
8. @Steve Freeman
9. @Chris Starsmore
10. @BenGeeman12321
11. @Citizen IV
12. @TerminatorToad
13. @Rob1nJ
14. @Woody29
15. @StevieSQ

AOR XB1 GT3 Pro League - Forum link
2. @Diogo
3. @TC92
4. @Shaw lXl
5. @Smifficle
6. @Wookie pete
7. @matthewsdea
8. @Fatboy1791
9. @McMilanCZ
10. @JackG
11. @FlameDragon72
12. @Atticus
13. @Devastation
14. @blizzardwizard

AOR XB1 GT3 Semi-Pro League - Forum link
2. @Smithycity99
3. @Wizard
4. @Meireloso
5. @Mikkel Danielsen
6. @Dan Hawkins
7. @Mattsaj
8. @Lewis_Tids
9. @Daz190uk
10. @JNPJD
11. @iBluffA
12. @Rearwing
13. @IThund3rSt0rMI
14. @xpro tricksterx
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Shaw lXl

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 28, 2015
2.3 seconds between fastest & slowest in Pro league, can't wait for some close, clean racing in my league :D


Junior Karter
May 26, 2015
Its going to be really hard to stay with the front runners in the Pro League. Due to this being my first 'proper' league, i think it would be an achievement to at least finish all the races.

Chris Starsmore

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jan 28, 2015
Holy crap, I only did a few laps for the time trial event and I have been put into the Elite League. Can't wait for this to start.


F1 Sponsored Driver
Jan 14, 2014
dont worry elite league il be with you shortly ;) in all seriousness though i cant wait for this to get started!!