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PC GT3 Pro; looking for a teammate for season 10


GP2 2nd Driver
Oct 31, 2017
Hey folks!

With @DerChris retiring, i'm out of a teammate for next season in GT3 Pro S10.

I was hoping to find someone with a lot of knowledge about setups, as I'm quite inexperienced in changing/making them.
What i've been doing for most of the season is slightly adjusting Time Trial setups, which hasn't worked out all that well for me.
People who try out setups i've made/used often say it's so oversteery that it's undrivable, so yeah, i'm doing something wrong :cry:

With my current pace, I could fight for a top 5 position in nearly every race, so if nothing goes wrong, I could be a strong asset to your team. (Again, if nothing goes wrong, which hasn't happened since my very first GT3 race haha)

The gremlins which cause most of my misfortune are unstable setups, bugs, and getting smashed off track when my setup actually is good.
With an experienced teammate I can already filter out half of those issues, so i'd really appreciate it if someone could show me how it's done for at least a season.

I can generally adapt pretty quickly to different cars, but most of my experience is with the BMW M6 (season 9 car) and the Ferrari (season 8 car), so that might be something to take into account.

Thanks for considering and see you on track!
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