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PC GT3 S8 AM - R3: Autodromo do Algavre 22/11/2017 @ 8PM


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Nov 14, 2017
@HFO was sitting first row for AngelGP's heavy inner team fight, which in the end cost us constructor points. All in all a tense race. I had to defend my position a lot and unfortunately made some mistakes caving under the pressure. After lap 1 I had hopes for a podium but I couldn't be consistent enough to take the podium eventually finishing 6th.

Next week is going to be fun in the rain ;)



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Oct 4, 2017
This was my race highlight. Battling with @Isir for 3rd position.
That was a good one and the laps that led to that moment were not any worse. We had a good fight for many laps where every corner counted. Well done, good racing!
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Nov 1, 2017
This was my worst race yet. I seemed to have some good pace (For me) until about lap 11 and then it all went wrong. My front left had been in the 120's for quite a few laps and it got to the point where my grip just vanished.
@Isir got past me on lap 13. He probably would have done it a lap earlier if @Witte29 hadn't spun out @Browny29 in front of us.
Lap 15 I lost the back end coming out of turn 5 and ended up hitting the wall on the left @Clank24401 and @Browny29 sailed past me while I was gardening on the side of the track.
Lap 17 @Witte29 came from a long way back at turn 6. I wasn't expecting it so turned into him but crew chief saved us both at the last second. @HFO followed Witte through and relegated me another place.
Lap 20 @tRIP.. came past me at turn 6. I slipped back in behind him, went round turn 9 and..... disappeared off the right of the track for some more gardening. Whilst I was down the hill @Stephan @LiboCZ @Cloud and @Merlin Cooper came past.

At this point I'd gone from 3rd on lap 13 to 13th on lap 20 and was only going backwards so I decided to pit.
Coming out of the pits (In P15) I nearly collided with @ahojekk - I'm really sorry for my awful line out the pits. I was trying to get out to the left and off the racing line so you could cut under me but obviously ended up on the apex at the same time you would have been there! I've learnt that next time I should let you pass before the corner!

Lap 22 @Ivancero lapped me. From my on board I thought all was ok but looking back at yours I can see why you had a heart in mouth moment. I really need to work on my blue flags!

The rest of the race was quite uneventful. I couldn't really push because of the tyre heat issue but I didn't destroy it as badly and at least hit some more consistent, if not slower, lap times.

Here's a video of my highlights (lowlights?). Some good overtakes by most of the field on me for you to enjoy :lol: