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PC GT3 S9 PC Driver Placement

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Oct 19, 2016
Hello fellow members of AOR :)

On this day, we are delighted to announce the return of the much-anticipated Season 9 of our Project Cars 2 Official GT3 Leagues!
We are very sorry that it have taken this long to get this season under way but now we are finally here!

After season 8 being more of a testing season, we are now up to the normal 10 round championship. We have tried our best to get a good combination of tracks togehter to make it versatile and challenging for all drivers.

Also worth mentioning, driver feedback has been considered in regards to the points system classification, with now a greater gap between the first positions. We hope it will reinforce the importance of getting a win over your competitors while still rewarding consistency all the way down to 20th place (16th for Xbox and PS4) . All league-related details are viewable in the League Information thread.

We've spent the last 2 days looking at excel sheets, time trials, previous results and knowledge of drivers ability. We have done our best to place everyone in the best tier to enable competitive racing.
We have double and triple checked everything and are confident in the result.
If we have overlooked you, among the hundreds of posts, please accept our apologies and reach out to us.

Note: the following drivers have not been placed, due to missing time trials:
@Ardjoune Srikanth
@Hank Scorpio
@Level head
@Philip Soderholm

If you are still interested in participating, please submit your time trials by Monday night. We will do our best to place you in the reserves, but can not guarantee a spot.

But that's enough with the talk now! See you on track :stig:

driverplacements PC.png

Please note: XBox driver placements will be announced Monday, Playstation4 on Tuesday.
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AOR iRacing GTE S3 AM Champion & Former S-Mod
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Oct 19, 2016
Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that we have now finalized the placements, with some minor adjustments on all tiers.
These are based on the evaluation races, late joiners and new information brought to our attention.

@SBart_uk sadly had to withdraw from the league and we hope to welcome him back to Season 10. Always a pleasure seeing you on track, sir!

@Doc and @Niclas Domino move to Elite, giving Elite now a full 32 driver grid.

@S4Howie and @Russell Aplin move to the two vacant spots in Pro, giving Pro equally a 32 driver grid.

@JordanDYS moves from AM up to Semi-Pro, giving SP a 30 driver grid.

have been placed in AM.

I've never seen that many full tiers and lobbies :love:

I wish all of you a competitive, fair, clean and fun season 9!

We will also open Sign Ups now for RESERVE drivers.
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