PC GT3 Tier 1 - Silverstone - 30 sec penalty removal

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Jan 30, 2020
United Kingdom
Platform + League: GT3 League Tier 1
League Coordinator: @StephenCarry
Date: 23/09/2020
Members Involved: @ATOMiK029

As I go to take turn 1, I clip the kerb a little bit (although not that much) and I then get told to return to position 26 - even though there was nobody anywhere near me at this point. I actually end up spinning shortly after, as the kerb may have unsettled the car a little bit, so any penalty that I would have got from using the kerb would have gone anyway. I get going again after the spin, but this "return to position" warning doesn't disappear and I then receive a 30 second penalty.

I would therefore like to have this removed as I clearly didn't overtake anyone or gain any advantage whatsoever.


Click the Twitch logo to watch the clip. Also, can we get embeds for Twitch sorted please?
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