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PC GT3 Tier 2 Round 2 Race 1/2

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Feb 10, 2017
PC GT3 Tier : 2
League Coordinator: TicklishPicklewickle
Date: 03/04/2020
Members Involved: MADDOG / atlasgehirn424
Race one got squeezed at start and unsafe rejoin causing me to crash .

1. Race 2 unsafe rejoin and blocked me had to brake.

2. Race 2 Not sure about this one I felt I was squeezed at the corner so I lifted as not to hit him but he obviously kept his foot in when he was of the track .



Formula 3 Test Driver
Feb 4, 2017
I´m currently uploading the clips. But I say none of them can be blamed on me:
First one: As you can see in my evidence (hard to see in his one as well), he has no overlap so all I´m doing is just a pretty normal race start move,sliding to the right a little and he decides that the gap is not wide enough for him to go so he backs off.
Second one: He clearly has still some room on the right, also he isn´t even besides me and we all know trying 2-wide in that corner is difficult under all circumstances. Then he puts a wheel on the kerb without my wrongdoing. I don´t think the way I reentered the track was unsafe.
Third incident: I go back on the track and then make one defensive move to the right which I´m allowed to do.
Last corner incident: We are side-by-side in a corner where it is hard to stay 2-wide. Also you have to note that, while we are two wide, I´m clearly ahead at this point. I decide to give him enough space on the inside anyway and that causes me to run wide. I could have tried to squeeze him on the inside and remain on track with all 4 wheels but that way I would have risked a collision.
Yes, I then go off the track but the game does not detect any advantage gained by doing so (Otherwise I would have got a penalty) and as AOR relies on that system when it comes to track limits there shouldn´t be a problem with it.

So, summed up, it is maybe hard but still fair racing on my side. I don´t think there is any rule I broke.
As I said, video evidence will follow, I´m just uploading it... Currently my internet is playing a few tricks so it takes some time until they are gonna be uploaded but when they are I will add the links to this comment.

First incident:

Second incident:

Third incident:

Final lap incident:
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have decided to take no further action for any of the incidents. It is the opinion of the stewards that no harm was done in any of these instances. The racing was maybe to the harder side, but it was fair.

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