PS4 - GT3 Tier 2 round 3 - first lap incident |

PS4 GT3 Tier 2 round 3 - first lap incident

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AOR PS4 GT3 S11 Tier 5 Champion
Dec 29, 2017
Platform + League: PS4 GT3 tier 2
League Coordinator: @GohstvanHunter
Date: 20/02/19
Members Involved:
@bax @EduSH22
Description: coming to turn 1 im on the inside and try to stay as close as possible on the inside to leave room and then get hit by @bax putting me in the wall with major damage. Looking at the replay it seems like @EduSH22 has hit @bax wich caused him to hit me.
Evidence: first is my recorded view from the race. 1st replay is me then from @EduSH22 and then from @bax


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Mar 24, 2016
This video shows external view sequence (@bax , @EduSH22 , @GohstvanHunter ), internal view sequence (speed evaluation) + my share video

Approaching turn 1 I saw @Mr_Masnot70 pushing @Big-Kid-Daddy wide, close to the right wall, so I decided to brake more and move slightly to the left to avoid Big-Kid in case of wall crash... I had enough room there. I reached 55 km/h minimum speed. My car was not spinning at that time and I think I moved the minimum necessary to avoid potential collision with Big-Kid. He was able to brake and avoid the wall so we both were able to speed up again..... but then EduSH hit me.
On the left side @GohstvanHunter was on a very internal trajectory and his speed was adequate (IMOH), 65 km/h minimum, leaving me enough space.
EduSH was on the right side, behind me, unable to see what was happening in front of me, with a minimum speed of 75 km/h that was (IMHO) too high... not adequate to avoid collisions. After having hit me he accelerated again, and again he crashed into another car.

Suspension and front wing damages after hitting the wall, had to pit
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Jan 25, 2014
After reviewing the evidence the stewards have decided to give @EduSH22 an 20 second time penalty + 15 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision + failing to wait.
@EduSH22 should have take more care about approaching that corner.

@GohstvanHunter @bax @EduSH22
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