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PC GT3 Tier 2 Ruapuna Unsafe driving

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Formula 3 Test Driver
Feb 4, 2017
Platform + League: PC + GT3 Tier 2
League Coordinator: @TicklishPicklewickle
Date: 08.04.2020
Members Involved: @atlasgehirn424 @SpeedingSedan
The Audi spins out and stays on track (No problem so far). After one car passed by he proceeds to roll forward instead of remaining stationary, so I have to take an evasive action not to crash into him, which results in me impacting the wall. I mean he can´t do anything about where he ends up after the spin but then he should get out of the way safely or simply remain in place (so other drivers can calculate how they can pass). The other car manages to still go through, so there was the space but after he goes forward, there is no way to go for me.
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