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Gt6NASCAR league sign up:


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Jul 12, 2015
I'm new to league racing but NASCAR on GT6 around normal circuits has always been fun, even against the AI. So I made this league:
In leagues on AOR, most tracks are pre-set, but in this league (for the first season at-least), each driver picks one track, limits apply:
-No track below 2 miles in length
-Route X is banned (as it's boring)
-Circuito de la Sierra is banned as well
-Only two ovals per season (NASCAR ovals eg. Daytona)
-No Dirt/Snow tracks (duh)
-No repeated tracks (so put a second preference as well)

Edit: this is too unconventional, so the tracks will be chosen by me (maybe another season we could try the above)
Race 1: Mount Panorama
Race 2: Suzuka
Race 3: Fuji Speedway GT
Race 4: Mazda raceway Laguna Seca
Race 5: Spa
Race 6:Twin ring Motegi Super Speedway (only Oval in championship, may remove)
Race 7:Mid-Field raceway
Race 8:Matterhorn Rottenboden (the full one)
Race 9: Trial Mountain circuit
Race 10: Grand Valley Speedway
Race 11: Monaco (Cote D'Azur)
Race 12:Ascari

Next teams:
There will be 4 teams consisting of 4 drivers each (1st season at least)
2013 chevys:
2013 Tony Stewart
2013 Dale Earnhardt Jr
2013 Jeff Gordon
2013 Jimmie Johnson Mine :p

2011/2010 chevys:
2011 Juan Montoya
2011 Dale Earnhardt Jr
2010 Jeff Gordon
2010 Jimmie Johnson

2013 Aric Almirola
2013 Carl Edwards
2011 Carl Edwards
2010 AJ Alimendinger

2013 Kyle Busch
2013 Matt Kenseth
2010 Brian Vickers
2010 Denny Hamlin

- Names are posted next to car, once your name is next a car, buy it, not before though, just in case there's conflict over cars...
- I want an equal number of teams so since there are so many chevys I decided this should be good... I realise it's not conventional, but we can change it later
Please say what car you want, first come, first served...

Races will be 30 mins in length
Quali is 20 mins
Practice sessions will be held while we wait for everyone to arrive, but after 20 mins have passed, we will start without anyone who is late

I don't know what times are good but I think weekday nights will be good to avoid disrupting social lives, races will not be held too late or too early either...

Entry requirements:
You have around 650,000 credits so you can buy a NASCAR and tyres (you'll need wet tyres as well)
You post preferred team mate(s)
PSN names will be sorted later, once teams and tracks are done...
Finally, you post your preferred NASCAR you'd like to drive, I want everyone to have different liveries, since teams will be by manufacture, thus meaning you can differentiate drivers by their livery just like in NASCAR (or to put it another way, no two drivers use the same/similar liveries).
If you have a youtube account that you can upload vids of the league on please tell me

How the races will work:
Weather changeability will be set to 4 for the first season, so buy wet tyres!
Weather at race start = 0%
Water on track at race start = 0%
Tyre use and fuel will be on, however unlike F1, you can run the whole race on racing hards, or racing softs, it's up to you (you can of course run softs one stint and hards the next, what I'm saying is, it isn't limited due to the fact that with ABS and TCS off, these will be bad machines on their tyres)

As there will be commitment issues for some drivers (12 races is quite long) 2 races will be discounted so don't worry too much
Points system will be based off modern F1 (25 pts for a win)
Penalty system will be standard, generally, if everyone agrees you are being too aggressive or silly, you will first get a quili penalty and a drive through, then you will get a race ban, then a league ban. Faliure to serve penalties will put you on a race ban, no matter the size (unless it's a race ban, but in a race ban senario, we can kick you out the lobby).

You can change setup but the NASCARS can't be modded due to game restrictions.
Basic rules and regs, will be improved later:
-No assists (inc. TCS and ABS)
-Clean racing
-Understand that on ovals, there will probably be crashes, even the pros crash in real life, so don't get salty too much, the oval is early on in the season so championship shouldn't be a worry

Rules and regs are general stuff, will make a definite list before season one starts

If there are spelling errors please tell me/ if I have missed important info tell me...

I'll check this thread on weekends, once we have 16 drivers, we can start
Remember league racing is about having fun, so don't ruin your day over it!
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