GTA Racing Season 2 interest? |

GTA Racing Season 2 interest?

FormulaMoss F1

Formula 3 Test Driver
Feb 19, 2014
this thread is up to see if anyone From AOR are interested in doing this, if not then I will just call my league something different as there's no point in doing it on AOR if there's not many people from AOR doing it in the first place.

The rules will be similar to season 1, but they Havnt been decided yet, and with Gta Competative racing crews coming in, we may have to change things so I will edit this post soon.

We should have 20-30 people per race if all the race crews that are interested join for this season.

Table: TBD

14 Race Calendar: TBD

Console: XBOX ONE

Points system: TBD

Yellow Flag Rule: TBC

Mini Yellow flag rule: TBC

Red Flag rule: TBC

Qualifying: TBC

TBD - To be decided
TBC - To be confirmed