GTE League S9Rd3 - Brumfield vs Godefroy |

GTE League S9Rd3 - Brumfield vs Godefroy

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Sep 2, 2018
League: GTE
Date: 20/01/20
Members Involved: Brumfield @causa45 #245 & Godefroy @Bucefal #257
Lap & Corner: L14 bus stop, L15 bus stop, L16 T5
Description: Unsafe/Unrespectfull driving

It's a 3-step situation I'd like the stewards to have a look at...

Step 1
I'm in Steven's slipstream on the back straight. At that point I have no intention to try a move on him but he decides to protect the inside line. Fair enough, I keep my line and I'm naturally gaining on him but obviously I have no chance to try anything... Then he slightly drift back towards me to have a better entry on the bus stop. Not necessary, but no big deal at that point and I probably could have live with it if that wasn't a piece of a bigger picture.

Step 2
Next lap, same situation. Excpet this time I decide to go alongside him as he choses to protect the inside even deeper. Once again, at the approach of the breaking zone he drift back towards me, two times, until we touch (contact x0, but still...). At that point there's no excuse, as his spotter obviously announced my presence on his right.

Next lap... Turn 5. I finally managed to pass Steven after a fair fight between Turn 1 and 3. At the approach of turn 5 I break slightly earlier than used to as I want to protect the inside. Steven tries to go in a gap that doesn't exist, break on the grass and punt me quite hard. Diffuser broken, hard to have ultimate performance of the carfor the rest of the race.

To be fair, after step 2 and step 3, I flashed him several times to express my unsatisfaction. I know it's against the rules but I think it's doesn't arm anybody to let the anger go out this way, on legitimate situations, especially on a daytime race.
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Oct 4, 2017
@Bucefal videos 1 and 2 don't seem to work for us. Could you review the links please?

@causa45 do you have anything to add?


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Nov 2, 2019
In Video 1, Godefroy was not next to me, and I got no spotter call. I don't see a problem here.
In Video 2, the next turn is a left-right-left combination that is almost impossible to navigate side by side, the contact was minimum as there was no damage or repercussions for the both of us. Hard racing in my point of view, there was a lot of room to the outside, and the natural racing line would have been further to the right, I feel.
In Video 3, it seemed to me at first that there would be a gap on the inside of the right hander, which quickly disappeared. Initially, I thought there was some moving under braking which after checking the replay I couldn't confirm (probably because of the nature of the turn). I didn't intend to pass, but locked my rear brakes/tires regardless (slipstream and worn tires played a part in this), however, I couldn't avoid the contact, but I tried to mitigate the damage by staying on the brakes and as far right as possible. Unintended move. I registered the flashing after the turn.


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Aug 6, 2016
We have decided to give Brumfield a 5 seconds time penalty for the 3rd incident. He should have given the position back after making contact during the overtake.
We didn't see anything majorly wrong in the first 2 videos, both times it was fair racing.

@causa45 @Bucefal
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