GTE League Season 9 - Round 3 - Reith & Schiff |

GTE League Season 9 - Round 3 - Reith & Schiff

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Sep 16, 2018
League: GTE League
Date: 06/01/20
Members Involved:Reith & Schiff
Lap & Corner:
Lap 2 before turn 1
Description: Schiff turn on me an go pit lane :oops:

Video of crash


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Oct 4, 2017
@Jezza do you want to share your view of the incident?


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Sep 8, 2017
While I regret obviously turning in and I'm sorry for the contact, I don't understand why you decided to break the slipstream and get closer to me when I was already passing alongside? Right before I start turning to the left, about one/two seconds before, you move way closer to my line and I don't understand why you decided to do so. The only reason I can assume is that you wanted to overtake the car infront however when you didn't move off your line while I was already alongside and passing gave me the confidence that you weren't gonna make it 3 wide.
Also why did you attempt an overtake off track and past the yellow lines that the drivers were told not to cross over when overtaking and purely for recovering from an incident? Please explain why you left this out of your footage:


I can also add a video clip for the stewards or file it as a seperate report if necessary, just interesting that you decided to leave that part out of your footage.

Obviously I'm not happy with what happened and I hate to have made contact with someone when it could have been avoided but unlike my round 1 contact where that was totally on me, this incident is definitely not as clear cut as you suggest it to be.


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Aug 8, 2016
We would recommend making the yellow-line issue a separate inquiry @Jezza, as we see that as a separate incident from the one posted here.


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Aug 6, 2016
We feel this incident could have easily been avoided by Schiff if he would have been more careful by checking his left side before moving down. Therefore we give Schiff a drive-through penalty in the next race he attends.

@Jezza @Reith
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