GTE S7 RD2- Watkins Glen |

GTE S7 RD2- Watkins Glen

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Rin Hato

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Oct 17, 2016
Date: 24/06/19
Members Involved:
@Rin Hato @Dan_Suzuki @PageDan
Lap & Corner:
Lap 1, Turn 1 exit
Description: Dan is off-track, and rejoins across the grass without double-checking that it's clear, causing a collision which resulted in Daniel totaled in the wall and left my car with a lot of damage. I know Dan gets it and has accepted responsibility, but this is more for anyone else who saw the crash or sees this thread, it's so important to make sure youre safe when rejoining the track and if it's not safe you really have to wait until it is (this is what Ross Woodford did just behind us). It's frustrating having to wait but doing that is always the better option than trying to rejoin while hoping for the best.



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Dec 5, 2018
Yeah, did a Vettel there and Dan didn't do a Hamilton :cry: It could have been avoided, I thought the rejoin on that part was safe enough (other option would be to crash into the wall) but I guess it wasn't since Dan's view was blocked by the BMW on the left. Of course I have to take the blame for that though.

This is from my view.

Sorry to anyone who got involved in the crash.


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Mar 20, 2019
I don't need to add much as Dan covers a lot on his stream...

Few points which Dan covered I'm on single monitor, I saw the incident into turn one but then the BMW blocked my view of Dan (I thought he was out) and then it just happened...
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