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Aug 26, 2014
This forum allows you, the community, to set up your own personalised race nights and events on iRacing! This can be used to organise anything from league race practice sessions, to standalone races, to special events and tournaments like Week 13 events!

To set up an event you need to create a new thread in this forum section. Specify the date/time and any other information necessary for people to understand what the event is all about (cars, tracks, event format, etc). If your event is interesting enough, you will hopefully get a good amount of drivers signing up to race!

Bear in mind that when you set up an event, you are responsible for the logistics of the session with regards to funding the session, keeping track of the drivers taking part, and making sure the event is run as smoothly as possible.

All we ask from you, either as a participant or an organiser of such events, is that you follow our general racing guidelines of clean racing, and that you act with common decency towards the other drivers, both on the forum and in the race lobby.

A member hosting a session has the right to disallow people from joining if they have caused issues in the past.

Sign up with the intention to race - renting a server is relatively inexpensive, however someone is spending money to rent the server so if you sign up to race, commit to it so they don't waste their funds.

Happy racing!