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Headset recommendation.


Formula Karter
Oct 14, 2018
Hi mate, i run with this on my Ps4 Pro;

think its discontinued now and replaced with the current "ps4 gold headset" however they seem to get pretty good reviews and the older model i have is brilliant, cant say a bad word about it.

Think we are limited with what headsets can be used with PS4 so decided to go with the official PS4 one to save any agro. and Sony knock out some pretty good headphones so they know what they're doing.


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 20, 2020
Thanks for the reply. I've already got a set now of Turtle Beach. They're okay, had to get a dongle to fit in the usb port at the back of the ps4 pro to get them recognised. If I'm updating will probably go with Sony