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Hello, good, I introduce myself


Pro Karter
Aug 17, 2018
Hi, I'm jaberlar54, I have logitech g290, I'd like to compete with you in your championship, I hope you accept me, my yt channel: FasterLaps HD

I would like to participate in your Esports, I see that you have a lot of nvl and I like that, I have been in several championships, but they did not convince me, my gametarg is jaberlar54, I have social networks like Instagram or Yt, I hope you see my message, thank you very much


Super Mod & F1 League Overseer
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F1 Coordinator
Mar 24, 2017
Hi there. It looks like you’ve already found our interest thread for the next F1 season. Sign ups for the season will be out some time fairly soon after the game releases. If you have any questions then feel free to reach out. Welcome to AOR, by the way. :)
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