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Hey everyone!


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Apr 1, 2020
Hey guys, I'm ddivad, a 24 year old guy from Ireland.

I'm relatively new to simracing - been following for a while, but bought my wheel and pedals about 6 weeks ago. Started off with assetto corsa and ACC and really enjoying the experience so far.

I was hoping to join in to the ACC GT3 league here, and was wondering how I would go about that - if anyone has information on this it would be great :) Other than that I'll see people around on the forums and the Discord server.


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Oct 23, 2016
Hello and welcome ddivad :)

In case you haven't already found your way to the ACC section, here it is:
Now the league has just ended this week but I have heard (don't quote me on that) that there will be some sort of short in-between league during the break between the main seasons. So keep an eye out for that :)
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